A Small Luxury Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

Set amidst the verdant hills of NuwareEliya, an idyllic town 3600 above sea level, Blue Meadows is a small luxury hotel with twelve different rooms and suites to choose from. Constructed in a colonial style, in a picturesque location, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the lush landscape, this heavenly retreat surprises the guest with its stunning blend of colourful interior and gold-lit hallways.


Come explore the mighty mountain ranges of Pidurutalagala and Haggala from the comfort of your luxury rooms and sneak a peek at the cascading waterfall called the Lover’s Leap as you sip your drink from your private terrace.

Luxury Living

Indulge in the amenities offered in the world of small luxuries.


A la carte menu served at a cozy restaurant setting to please all your senses.

Perfect Location

located at an unequivocally captivating spot to help rejuvenate your body, mind and soul!

World Class Quality

Well trained, friendly staff and outstanding standards for an above the par experience.

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The Seetha Amman Temple situated 5km away from NuwaraEliya echoes the stories of Ramayana, as it stands as a tribute to Seetha, wife of Rama. She was held captive by King Ravana in this very spot. The temple, structured in a way to reflect the South Indian architectural designs. This spectacular religious attraction site is surrounded by a stream, adding to its mystique appeal.

The world class

Farmlands and Plantations

The highlands provides the ideal conditions for tea plantations and NuwaraEliya houses numerous tea estates and factories, producing world renowned tea, all within a 10km distance from the hotel.Visit the tea factories and observe the process, after which you can relish in a cup of freshly brewed tea at one of their own tea shops.

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Sightseeing & Leisure

Walks in Vistoria Park, 27 acres of sprawling highly-manicured lawns, colourful flowers and ,kid’s playground, Boating at Gregory’s Lake, Visits to Haggala Gardens, Post Office of historical importance, Horse Riding at NuwaraEliya Turf Club, Golf Courses

The world class


The Pidurutalagala Mountains and Forest Range, Horton Plains, KudaKella Excursions and the countless waterfalls surrounding NuwaraEliya is a promise to keep any visitor to this town thrilled and busy! Millions of activities in a placid, visually pleasing town.

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Bakers Falls

Baker’s Farm is a famous landmark in NuwaraEliya with Sir Samuel Baker’s legacy tied to the establishment of NuwaraEliya as a model English town in 1848. He set up an Agricultural Farm with the aid of skilled labouers brought down from England. He lost his family during the hazardous journey from Colombo to NuwaraEliya. Baker’s Farm, the Baker’s Ward at Base Hospital in HawaEliya and the Baker’s Fall in Horton Plains National Park narrate the tales of Sir Samuel Baker.

The world class

Strawberry Farms

Strawberry Farms are nothing but a delightful treat for strawberry lovers, where you can tread down pathways lined with strawberry plantations and then smack your lips over the strawberry desserts and sweet delicacies served at adjoining restaurants.

The world class

Ambewela Farms

Ambewela/Newdale Farms are animal husbandries, which are famous all-island for its milk. Walk around the farms and taste a delicious glass of fresh cream milk from their cafes.

About Us

Blue Meadows welcomes you with a splatter of colours, spoken through the soothing layout of the white washed walls with a touch of blue roofing and warm brown tiles, surrounded with hues and fragrance of delightful blossoms, which sway in the gentle breeze of the refreshing Nuwara Eliya town! Pleasant smiles and hospitality standards to befit international expectations is the philosophy of the entire Blue Meadows team, to serve our guests to the highest level of service satisfaction. As you step foot into the warm interiors of the small luxury haven, be prepared to feel a sense of placidity set over you as you feel the homely ambience and minimalistic designs add to the superiority we aim to deliver to you.

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